Feature Demos

Umso allows you to create custom forms,
email lists, set up passwords for site & pages, and more.

Want to see some examples? Try it live!

How it works

Show step by step how to get started.

First Step

At the beginning you have to signup and verify your account ...


Second Step

... then you can choose your individual plan and create a subscription ...

Third Step

... the last step is to configure the product and start using it.

Get Started

Custom Forms

Connect and collect information from your customers and make better decisions.

Live example ->

Email List

Collect leads with ease at no extra cost. Allow customers to subscribe to your email list.

Live example ->

Contact Form

Simple and efficient. Help your customer to reach out in an easy way with our Contact Form.

Live example ->

Site & Pages Password

Want to restrict access to certain pages or site? Protect it with site and pages password.

Live example ->

Multi-Language Support

Reach your international audience by easily creating your site in different languages.

Live example ->

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